Corridos, Cantos y Corridos, Linda Lucia Santana, Artist, Printmaking, Printer, Lithography, Grabado, Litografia

"Santana's work responds to the fading memory of Mexican narrative ballads, called corridos. Inspired by Magical Realism, she accompanies corridos with fictitious portraits of their subjects, most of which were never photographed. In her work, 'Santana plays the role of artist, archivist and a corridista,' activating lost histories, living memories and the imaginative space in between."

The Huffington Post | By Priscilla Frank
Current & Upcoming Exhibitions:

"How do humans heal? Though approaches may vary greatly, healing seems to be a universal human pursuit. This group exhibition brings together artists from differing backgrounds to express their individual experience related to healing and also to create a landscape of the experience of healing. While the word healing itself, literally meaning ‘to make whole’, may connote powerful positive change the path wholeness is not always simple or straightforward but every experience is valid."

"Darkness Enters" a group show curated by Jezzalie Gill
February 18th – March 1st, 2016
Downtown Artery Gallery
Fort Collins, CO